Americans' version of Operation Freedom: Winning the hearts and minds of Iraqis (Only in America could such rubbish be stated!)

Iraq and Afghanistan victims of U.S. Warmongering based on serial lying.


Murder for sport by American GIs

Sampling of key lying directors of the above carnage.

Pathetic side of the hoax upon U.S. Families that supportedand still supportsthe warmongers.


Documentary books showing the continuing hoaxes played upon a naive American public.


Among those responsible for the sampling of human tragedies, through a pattern of serial lying.


Such media sources and writers as Wall Street Journal editorials, Judith Miller of the New York Times until she was fired, and especially Republican-orientated media. FOX television embraced her.
The segment of the American public that supported the invasions and the people authorizing them.

Primary 9/11 enablers.


Facts and evidence on 9/11


Comparative blame for 9/11


Serial lying from the Lockerbie bombing to 9/11.

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